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wysiwyg text editor

June 21, 2006

i really hate the way the wordpress built in wysiwig text editor screws up my careful coding and so for 2.23b i am testing a plug-in called editormonkey which has many more features and is hopefully more functional – at least looks a lot better – but it also seems to be causing a few issues … so if you see weirdness when writing ,editing or commenting on posts … i am looking for a fix…



June 5, 2006

lots of things in the new version :
setup this news/status blog
a new masthead using a free font called undo35
moved a few things around in the sidebar so the asides and the delicious links are more visible on the front page
fixed the block quote style?

a couple of other things to do :1 


June 4, 2006

adminbot is not a happy bot this morning (sunday 11.25am aest) because the dreamhost server which hosts has been down for several hours after there was a denial of service attack on several of its servers – they are working feverishly to restore our beloved blog so let's do other things like enjoying the beautiful clear sunny sunday whilst we wait