wordpress 2.0.4

September 17, 2006

wordpress is the engine that drives truthbeauty.info and it has now (finally) been updated – after some style shenanigans everything is back to normal again – i am also experimenting with a who is/was online function – you can see it in the second column all the way down the bottom of the page


truthbeauty.info is back up

July 29, 2006

a power outage at dreamhost meant that the truthbeauty.info server was down for several hours today – all is well again now…

google search

July 11, 2006

i have abandoned google search for the moment at least and reverted to the built in search function somewhat to my chagrin because i love google πŸ™‚ but it was doing weird stuff … it wouldn’t give the url of the relevant page – one of these days i am going to go with “friendly urls” if you know what that is – which will probably help with this problem – i tried using friendly urls early on in the life of the blog and it caused all sorts of problems so i will have to take a deep breath and have a bit of time up my sleeve to fix blog shananigans before i try it again

wysiwyg text editor

June 21, 2006

i really hate the way the wordpress built in wysiwig text editor screws up my careful coding and so for 2.23b i am testing a plug-in called editormonkey which has many more features and is hopefully more functional – at least looks a lot better – but it also seems to be causing a few issues … so if you see weirdness when writing ,editing or commenting on posts … i am looking for a fix…


June 5, 2006

lots of things in the new version :
setup this news/status blog
a new masthead using a free font called undo35
moved a few things around in the sidebar so the asides and the delicious links are more visible on the front page
fixed the block quote style?

a couple of other things to do :1 


June 4, 2006

adminbot is not a happy bot this morning (sunday 11.25am aest) because the dreamhost server which hosts truthbeauty.info has been down for several hours after there was a denial of service attack on several of its servers – they are working feverishly to restore our beloved blog so let's do other things like enjoying the beautiful clear sunny sunday whilst we wait

old news

May 30, 2006

stuff from the old versions/blog news page

30.5.06 (v2.22b)
wp-cache plugin should speed up loading the blog
fixed column width
deleted "pages" from sidebar

to do : fix blockquote text size

wishlist : on click post javascript link opens it in new window size 500×500 pixels

26.5.06 (v2.2b)

fixed some of the major issues mentioned below – still looking for a solution to the authors not showing up on the front page
another issue which remains to be resolved : when you edit a page and save it it returns an error ("WordPress database error: [Query was empty] etc ") even thought it actually works normally : when you return to the page your edits have been saved 😦

13.5.06 (v2.1b)

complete make over using the plaintxtblog theme by scott wallick

many problems big bummers but in the end adminbot will be victorious and a wonderful new blog front end will emerge with lots of cool new features and much improved ease of use

to do : lower case transform styles ; tweak links in sidebar and footer ; tweak styles ; fix author names for in posts ; fix comment/departments links in posts ; tidy up pages ; fix help page on wiki ; flickr intergration ; write better instructions for using delicious

let me know if you like/don't like any of the hacks features!

not that i'll take any notice but isn't it good to feel like you are entitled to have your say?:|

some of the things below the line refer to the original minima plus theme which was abandoned after version 2.05

3.5.06 (v2.05) someone created a category called stuff which is actually a good category, but the short anonymous ephemeral mini posts that you can put in the sidebar were called stuff! no matter stout yeoman we'll rename the old stuff as asides which is a comonly used term for this phenomena in blogging parlance26.3.06 registrations closed due to comment spam starting – send an email if you want to register (removed register link)23.3.06 (V2.04) made stuff automatically put a divider in between each item22.3.06 (v2.03) moved talk where it needs to be : the top of the page = immediately visible when you go to the front end of the blog – and comments directly below that – it livens up the scrolly down part of the page too with the changing stuff items16.3.06 (v2.02)
changes to the top menu – added logout and about links and changed miniblog link to stuff and blog to home
change to sidebar – moved search to the top9.3.06 (v2.01)
i took the blog off-line for a few days a week nearly to see how it felt not having the blog there
it was ok
something keeps breaking the authors link so i've taken it out
i'm going to introduce a version number for the truthbeauty system (such as it is) and document changes here



upgraded wordpress – the software that runs this blog to 2.0.1 from 1.5.2 –
upgrade complete – but memberlist + email notification plug ins = broken (and … the dots are back 😦

the login/register link is back at the top of the page because some people couldn't find it

6.2.06 – the forum is offline as i work out whether it is of any use at this stage – also the spam was getting out of hand25.1.06 – to celebrate commemorate australia invasion day registrations on the blog are now open and all newly registered members can comment and edit their profile but not blog – when the spam starts i'll have to close registrations again so do it while you can – also currently registered users with zero posts are about to be deleted – post or else! or if you have been deleted just re-register yourself and start commenting and i will re-register you for postingencourage your friends (and enemies) to register and comment!note : phase 2 is still coming!

11.12.05 – added a stats feature
11.12.05 – experimenting with a "recent comments" feature in the sidebar
11.12.05 – experimenting with a "who's online" feature in the sidebar (seems buggy) – click through to the who's online page – experiment abandoned (too buggy 16.12.05)